We improve the productivity, efficiency and performance of your corporate real estate portfolio

Established in 2016 with the vision to be the prominent and reliable property management company, PACIFICA provides integrated services for corporate properties, creating a spirit of excellence into the property business in Jakarta and Indonesia.

Today’s building systems require specialized expertise to ensure that they run securely and cost-effectively, and preserve conformity with ever-changing building codes and regulations. That’s where we come in. PACIFICA provides a one stop solution across Property Management and Facilities Management which can be bundled as client tailored solutions.

Property and facility management is a business of complex challenges, requiring multi-layered solutions that integrate a wide range of disciplines and services. PACIFICA is dedicated to upholding your quality of life and the value of your property investment. Our experience and expertise in property management ensures your building related issues are managed efficiently and cost effectively.

We deliver facility resource management services to properties - maintaining and operating buildings to ensure that everything runs smoothly for the people who use them. Our capabilities sit across the full range property facilities management services ranging from security to housekeeping, mechanical and electrical engineering work, energy services and even workspace design and utilization.

Our team combines professional spirit and a deep understanding of specialist property sectors with the top standards of client care. We explore our customers' specific needs and best address their requests through the establishment of total property and facilities management solutions, bundled or single services. Our method and approach of service delivery are always based upon the finest solution for you.